Skid mounted units & pressure equipment

Eekels provides high-quality technical services for industrial and infrastructure projects. For this we can draw on our extensive experience and our sensitivity towards the clients’ needs. Ultimately, what matters of course is the technology that provides unique solutions and new opportunities. Eekels offers state-of-the-art solutions in the field of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and technical automation.

We apply these competencies as a multidisciplinary system integrator in, among other things, skid and equipment construction.

Airfin coolers

Eekels Mechanical has been active in the field of heat transfer for many years. We design and supply forced and induced, custom-built air fin coolers; horizontal and vertical ones. They are produced in accordance with the highest industry standards.

Our product portfolio:

  • Thermal and mechanical design
  • Modification of existing installations
  • Retubing of existing installations

Skid Mounted Units

In skid form, complete and compactly-built process installations are relatively easy to transport as units. This methodology has the advantage of an almost negligible on-site installation time.

Eekels is your professional partner for skids and modular building for building industrial facilities.

Modular building considerably shortens the construction time of process installations, whilst simultaneously vastly improving the efficiency and safety of the execution.