CO2 Reduction strategy

Energy and CO2 reduction policy

Reducing CO2 emissions is of crucial importance for controlling climate change, providing a liveable and sustainable environment. Eekels endorses an ambitious sustainability policy and with its own concrete programme aims to contribute to the reduction of its CO2 emission. A plan is formulated annually that will lead to a significant reduction in CO2 emission.

The CO2 Reduction plan is an integral part of the Energy Management System (EMS) and the Eekels Carbon Footprint report. The targets impact all scopes and are periodically evaluated, so that it can be adjusted during realisation. During this adjustment the consequences for the business operations are checked and set out.

Eekels has taken the year 2009 as the reference year for its CO2 emission policy, with which the reduction progress shall be compared. For a correct insight, Eekels has executed a CO2 emission inventory conforming to the CO2 Performance Ladder. Simultaneously, an energy scan has been performed to identify the energy consumers.

Eekels’ general aim is to lower the CO2 footprint by 1,5 % a year in CO2 kilograms per project hour. The effects of these measures will affect Scopes one and two of the CO2 Performance Ladder.

In addition to various minor initiatives, Eekels has succeeded in reducing the following CO2 emissions:

  • Reduction of the number of kilometres travelled per project hour and reduction of fuel consumption;
  • Cleaner lease and owned-car fleet;
  • Reduction of gas consumption for building heating;
  • Wind energy usage;
  • Reduction of electricity use.