In 1908 Herman G. Eekels founded the company of Electrotechnisch Bureau Herman G. Eekels N.V HOOGEZAND, nowadays known as Eekels Technology B.V.

Herman G. Ekels was born on 9th January 1882. By 1905 Mr Ekels had moved to Hoogezand, where he found a job at a rivet factory. This factory went into liquidation in 1907.

After that, Herman Ekels decided to start his own company, specializing in grill bars. In addition, he changed his name into Eekels.
One year later, he decided to expand his business by creating an electrical department.
In the next couple of years, more and more departments were added while Mr Eekels was developing good relations with several machine and cardboard factories.

The relationship with the company of W. Bernet & Co also intensified, resulting in more and more involvement in shipyards.

In 1918 the company moved to a building in the main street of Hoogezand, where there was room to expand. In the preceding decades, the company was continually expanding and therefore bought the adjacent premises.

In 1932, two years after Mr H.G. Eekels fell ill, his son Mr A.J.B Eekels joined his father's company at the age of 18. The company changed into a general partnership in 1937, when Mr A.J.B Eekels became a co-owner of the business.
Shortly afterwards, Mr A.J.B. Eekels took over daily management of the business, because of his father's illness. Herman G. Eekels died in 1946.

In 1949 the business was turned into a limited company, with Mr A.J.B Eekels as the sole director and Mr H.H. Jongman, Mr Schapink en Mr Wijtzes as authorized signatories.

In the year 1973, Eekels was taken over by the OGEM group. After going into liquidation in 1982, OGEM was renamed TBI. Nowadays Eekels is still a member of TBI.

A decade ago, Eekels moved to its current premises at A. Plesmanlaan in the industrial estate of Kolham, after having been located at the main street of Hoogezand for 84 years.

Herman G. Eekels (grandson of the founder)