Wilson Flex

After having spent two years working closely with Groot Ship Design and Arkon on the development of the energy-saving electrical system, Eekels received an order for the basic engineering and delivery of the electrical system, as well as the automation and integrated CCTV system. The Wilson Flex is a Hanse Eco coaster and designed based on the latest technological developments to minimise the effects of shipping on the environment.

The electrical system is based around a DC-main switchboard that is powered by a Permanent Magnet (PM) generator driven by the main engine and/or two auxiliary generators. The generators are connected to the DC distributor by means of an Active Front End (AFE) inverter and two rectifiers respectively. An AC switchboard is provided for the users of the on-board electrical system, which is powered by the DC distributor through two 90 kW grid converters (DC/AC converters). The entire system is integrated into the DC distributor, along with the 300 kW bow thruster drive.

Eekels uses its own MAS© platform, which it developed in house, for both the automation and the CCTV system. This ensures transparency in the system setup with a high level of integration which aims to reduce OPEX costs.  Several intelligent systems are provided for this, and the Power Management System (PMS) is tailored to the optimal utilisation of the generators and the main engine.

This order is perfectly in keeping with Eekels’ portfolio. Eekels considers the optimisation of coasters as one of its main priorities, given that the cargo market for coasters is still under pressure due to low transport rates, but on the other hand, they still need to innovate and become greener. Eekels offers several solutions for this which aim to reduce OPEX at attractive investment costs.

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