Profile Eekels Romania

Beeing born in 2000, Eekels Romania is the Roumanian branch of the Eekels Technology BV from Holland. Since the begginning , active on the electrical installation field, on the maritime, civil and industrial, the company has an average of 100 technicians in the Production Department: mechanical and electrical workers, design engineers and coordinators.

Eekels is part of TBI, a group of companies that modernises, organises and maintains our living environment in a sustainable way. We are allways on the client satisfaction track.

The company can deliver automatisation and electrical installation full packages and operate in: electrical engineering, electrical panels building, automatisation systems, propulsion systems, cables trays and foundations installingt, electrical cables installing and connecting and electrical equipments commissioning.

Eekels Romania is active on the electrical installation field, beeing considered by her clients a good partner by helping them to identify and apply the best technical solutions but also being considered as a good electrical systems integrator. This fact, make that Eekels Romania is seeing as an important “bussines unit” in the Eekels/TBI portofolio.