Process Industry

Eekels provides high-quality technical services for industrial and infrastructure projects. For this we can draw on our extensive experience and our sensitivity towards the clients’ needs. Ultimately, what matters of course is the technology that provides unique solutions and new opportunities. Eekels offers state-of-the-art solutions in the field of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and technical automation.

Eekels is firmly rooted in the region, as is clear from our customer base and reference projects. In the past decades many traditionally northern industries have experienced (technical) development, and Eekels has often played a part in this. Not only do the Eekels services and systems find their way into the process industry but also quite often to the engineering industry and infrastructure.

We have extensive experience in technical installations used for the extraction of oil, gas and other minerals, within the chemical industry, in the production of concrete, bricks, glass, paper and cardboard, and in the industrial processing of agricultural products. Sectors such as Food and Pharma, in which very different dimensions of precision and reliability play a role, manage to find their way to Eekels.