Eekels supplies various electrotechnical systems that have been specifically developed for the shipping industry. Over the years some of these have become the international standard.


Frequency converters

Eekels has been manufacturing and developing EVE frequency converters since 1976. These products, entirely manufactured in Netherlands, provide very accurate control of electric engines. Through accurate adjustment of speed and torque, electric motors can be used to optimum effect in every process. Optimum adjustment of processes through the highly efficient EVE frequency converter results in more efficient energy use. 

Electronic bridge telegraph

The telegraph system is based on two-wire bi-directional serial data transfer between the two devices. The position of the rotary switch is transmitted from one to the other device. The actual position of the rotary switch is indicated by an LED which continuously shows the status. The position received from the other telegraph is compared with the position of the rotating switch. If the two devices are not in the same position, the LED blinks and shows the new position. Simulaneously a relay contact closes and/or the acoustic alarm is activated. If the rotary switch is moved to the position indicated by the blinking LED, the new position is accepted and the LED indicates a normal position by lighting continuously.


The LED-intensity can be adjusted, although the LED always blinks at high intensity when action must be taken. The system is self-controlling and the transmitting device generates data continuously, regardless of the position of the rotating switch.

Features of the electronic bridge telegraph:

  • 2-wire system
  • Failsafe
  • Simple installation
  • DIN-standard enclosure 144
  • Minimal current drain
  • Coloured signal context
  • Monitoring by LEDs
  • Bridge and motor units are identical
  • Maximum of 12 positions
  • Encased acoustic alarm
  • Transmitter and receiver are short-circuit resistant

Signal columns


To warn employees in and around a noisy engine room, extra signalling is needed. For that reason, Eekels offers a wide range of signal columns, air horns and pilot lights. The Eekels signalling system is built around the SCU-1 unit. This device provides controls for pilot lights and air horns based on incoming signals. The unit can also be coupled with other SCU-1 devices via serial communication. Depending on the dimensions of the engine room, it can be necessary to use one or more signal columns to reach the employees in the area.

The master device (determined when using two or more devices) receives all incoming signals, which are transmitted to the sub-devices. The SCU-1 device can be integrated with a customer's system and/or be combined with the signal panel SCU-1P and the independent signal column SCU-1K.

Features of the electronic signal columns:

  • Easy to expand
  • Easy installation
  • 2-wire system
  • Standard cable ducting
  • LED lighting or standard lamps
  • All outputs secured
  • Fully certified system (including SeeBG)