Eekels is aware of its responsibility for contributing to a sustainable society. Independently and in collaboration with customers and other stakeholders it has taken various initiatives to achieve this. Examples of these are described below.

Participation in the IEC committee for an HVSC standard

Environmental and CO2 awareness has prompted Eekels to participate in the IEC committee that is developing a standard for High Voltage Shore Connection systems (IEC 60092-510). This standard should ensure that larger vessels, such as cruise ships and cargo vessels, can use on-shore power supplies when they are docked.

To date these ships have been using onboard diesel generators for their power supply. As these ships are a hive of activity, these generators are continuously in use. Power generation at large onshore power plants is more efficient, however. The delivered capacity can also be geared more efficiently to demand. Using energy from these plants would result in a significant reduction of CO2 emissions. Even more so if green electric energy is reduced.

Acceptance of these standards is of crucial importance for a successful worldwide implementation. The International Electrotechnical Committee, IEC in short, in Geneva (Switzerland) is developing general international standards for the safety of electrical components and equipment. In the Netherlands, IEC standards are published by NEN. IEC standards are important in that they help increase acceptance of technologies and thus support the worldwide application and use of such technologies.

Eekels recognizes the importance of international standards and considers the standard for High Voltage Shore Connection Systems as one that will be widely accepted. The increase in fossil fuel prices makes the application of such systems economically viable. The maritime sector is, moreover, becoming more interested in the environment.

As an electrotechnical specialist in the maritime sector, Eekels is a significant contributor to the development of the standard. After all, developing a standard for High Voltage Shore Connection Systems requires extensive knowledge of the maritime industry, electrotechnical high-voltage systems, high power systems and the various standards used on ships and in harbours. In the committee, Eekels is represented by Mr A. Hoogerwerf.

Through its efforts to develop the standard and by paving the way for worldwide implementation of this technological application, Eekels will achieve a significant reduction in Scope 3 CO2 emissions.

Energy reducing services

Energy reduction solutions are a major part of our services portfolio. This is why Eekels offers its customers pro-active advice on the scope available for reduction offered by the latest technology. Eekels works on complex installations that require customer-specific solutions. Therefore, Eekels pro-actively collaborates with its customers to supply the best possible solutions for reducing energy consumption. In addition to technical process optimization, Eekels offers a full range of energy reduction opportunities that are very interesting for the market segments in which it operates and have a short pay-back time. Our knowledge of propulsion technology, industrial automation and system integration, combined with the customer’s specific process knowledge, can make installations extremely energy efficient.

Energy seminars

During its centenary celebrations in 2008, Eekels organised a seminar on energy saving. Realizing the necessity of reducing the environmental impact, and due to the attendees’ enthusiastic responses to the seminar, Eekels decided in 2008 to organise this event on an annual basis.

By organising these seminars, Eekels aims to increase awareness of the purpose and necessity of reducing energy consumption in its market segment. In collaboration with its technological partners, Eekels focuses on the trends and latest technological developments in the field of energy reduction. As a starting point, technologies are discussed that, within the existing infrastructure, are both energy-efficient and of economic interest. The energy saving that is achieved through implementation of the discussed technologies has a direct and positive effect on the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Improvement of technical education

Education is one of the pillars of our society. Its quality directly affects the fabric of society. Education is crucial to the knowledge-based economy of the Netherlands and ensures that the Netherlands remains in the forefront of technological developments. Eekels Technology B.V. endorses the societal importance of education and participates in various initiatives aimed at improving technical education. For years Eekels has been a partner in the Institute of Engineering at Hanze University Groningen. In 2014 this collaboration was laid down in ‘The Collaboration Covenant.’