Eekels designs, engineers, builds, installs and maintains electro-technical installations. We have the people and the means. Any required control panel or switchboard can be tailor-made. In combination with our experience with extensive multidisciplinary projects, this makes Eekels the ideal partner for customers in the industry and infrastructure sectors.

Design & Engineering

Eekels designs industrial installations based on Eekels specifications or customer specifications, varying from distribution networks to advanced communication and control systems, including switchboards, control panels, monitoring systems, motor control centres and distribution units. Using modern CAD systems (Autocad and EPlan), a detailed design will be realized according to your specifications.

Eekels's areas of expertise:

  • Low voltage light and power plants 
  • High voltage 
  • Security and protection 
  • Instrumentation 
  • Process control 
  • Communication 
  • ATEX

Panel building

Eekels has a modern workshop for the production of high-quality panels and our own products, and has experienced and skilled personnel and modern machinery and tools. All the products are tested at our testing department according to our own specifications and the customer's requirements.

Installation techniques

Supplying high-quality electrotechnical installations is one of the core competencies of Eekels. It is our daily job to develop or modify small or large and complex installations.

Combined with our other competencies, this makes Eekels your ideal partner.

Inspection and maintenance

Breakdown prevention starts with a good maintenance plan and the ensuing inspections. Eekels has the knowledge and skills to perform the necessary inspections. Any recommended adjustments resulting from these inspections can be provided by Eekels.

  • NEN3140 
  • Thermographical inspection 
  • Power quality and net analysis 
  • Profibus network analysis

High voltage

Optimal maintenance and breakdown elimination are the main guarantees for power supplies. Eekels performs systematic maintenance on networks and connections. If a breakdown occurs, it will have to be resolved as best as possible. Eekels has extensive experience in the high voltage sector. Besides construction engineering, Eekels also offers services as a qualified switchgear specialist.