At Marpower eXperience - a trademark of Eekels - we create thrilling experiences for our clients. We achieve this with the best products & systems, a highly qualified team, ISO-certified processes and, above all, with ... passion! That is reflected in our lighting, control, audio*, video*, IT*, security and communication systems for newbuilds, refits, maintenance & service of superyachts and vessels.* Did you know that Eekels ranks in the top of AV/IT suppliers?

For over 50 years we are developing, designing, engineering, building, installing, commissioning and supporting superyacht technologies. We can therefore confidently say that we are experienced professionals. Our team of enthusiastic experts are skilled leaders in their field of technology with profound knowledge of the systems of Marpower eXperience.

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An overview of some of our projects:

Sustainability & savings are key

Marpower eXperience is fully committed to sustainability & savings. New, environmentally friendly technologies, minimising the ecological footprint, digitization, circularity and energy efficiency are high on our agenda. Marpower eXperience applies the KISS method: Keep It Simple & Sweet, which means we look at HVAC, size, weight, energy and control of products in a different way. The right design combined with our cutting-edge, future-proof products makes all the difference!

Marpower eXperience uses premium brands & suppliers, with whom we have built strong and long-term relationships as partners.

We are at your service

You can rely on Marpower eXperience for designing and building your electrical systems with the utmost care and expertise. Fit for years of trouble-free use. Also after your purchase, you can continue to count us for global service. From preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance to the supply of spare parts. Marpower eXperience helps with emergency repairs, troubleshooting, measurements and system analyses. Vessel maintenance takes time. Time during which a superyacht cannot sail. We minimize this costly downtime by optimizing the maintenance via remote technical support to increase the effectiveness on board.

To support the increasing demand for electro-technical service and maintenance for superyachts in the whole Mediterranean area, we have established two service branches in Spain: Barcelona & Palma de Mallorca.

We are at your service, always. We are Marpower eXperience!

Note: In the very near future Marpower eXperience will have its own website; to be continued.

Ship of the Year: Viva

At the Maritime Awards Gala on 7 November 2022 in Rotterdam, Feadship and Royal van Lent received the KNVTS Ship of the Year Award for their superyacht Viva. Eekels is proud to have once again made a significant contribution to a winning ship. The KNVTS website says of the Viva: The Viva is an eco-friendly 94-metre pure custom Feadship with an advanced hybrid propulsion system. This allows the Viva to sail a comfortable 12 knots on diesel-electric power. The yacht's consistency in all aspects earned it the 2022 Motor Yacht of the Year award at the 2022 BOAT International World Superyacht Awards.

(Photo: Website KNVTS)

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