Drive technology

Eekels has many years of experience in the field of electrical systems for seagoing vessels and drive technology. This experience, combined with our own line of Frequency Converters, makes Eekels an enormously flexible partner for multiple drive systems on board of vessels.

Examples of systems in which Eekels specializes:


Diesel electric propulsion

The propulsion drive system is one of the most important installations on board of a vessel. Extreme flexibility, efficiency and redundancy can be achieved by opting for a conventional drive system. At its core there is a division between energy exciters (diesel engines) and actuators (electric motors). With over 30 years of experience in the field of frequency converters, Eekels can offer a complete drive concept that meets the latest requirements in its class.

Bow thruster drivers

The bow thruster of a vessel is an essential component that is eminently suitable for control by means of a frequency converter. Eekels has already supplied many bow thruster installations as well as its own control panels (bow thruster control).

Cargo Pump

Besides the propulsion drive system, the system for unloading cargo on board of a tanker is of crucial importance. This system, including controllers, pumps and tubes, ensures safe and efficient unloading of cargo. This process can be optimalley controlled by means of frequency controlled engines. Eekels specializes in these products.

Propulsion & Dredger pumps

As regards higher pump capacities on board of vessels, Eekels has experience with dredger pumps, among others. Systems offering 2MW pump capacity are combined with conventional drivers.