Reports CO2 Performance Ladder

In conformity with the requirements as laid down in the CO2 Performance Ladder, Eekels shall report on a regular basis the performance and initiatives in the field of CO2 reduction.

Inventory in conformity with ISO 14064-1 (norm 3.A.1)

Eekels has at its disposal the latest detailed emission inventories for its Scope I and II. CO2 emissions in conformity with ISO 14064-1.

Verification inventory (norm 3.A.2)

The Eekels emission inventory has been verified by a certification body with at least a limited degree of security.

Communication reduction targets (norm 3.C.1)

Eekels communicates internally and externally about its carbon footprint (CFA reports) and reduction target(s).

Should you have any tips, questions or suggestions concerning our CO2- and/or energy reduction policy, please contact us (see contact).

Participation Initiative (norm 3.D.1)

Eekels participates in the IEC committee HVSC standard. Further information can be found on the 'initiatives' page (see initiatives)